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September 21, 2013



We've not been in the girls' section ever since my daughter was old enough to express an opinion about what she wears (around 3). She'll wear girls' pants and the girls' cut of school trousers, but that's about it.

She does care a lot about what she wears and her outfits are quite often loud and colourful, but it has to be boys' stuff. Think we are quite extreme though.


I fully endorse this approach! It would be wonderful for my twin 3-year-olds. I don't remember all these sequins and feathers from when I was little.

Earle Allen

AWESOME plan !

Dianna Hiltabidel

I think this is a fabulous idea! My 12 year old daughter HATES clothes shopping because tween girl clothes are covered in sparkles, flowers or cute animals. Not all girls are the same! We've also started shopping for her in the boys section to escape the pinks, purples, and ruffles.


What can we do that means I get that Kapow! jumper in adult size? It's awesome.


That one on the far right is what David Bowie will look like in his grave! :-)


Umbrella: Want.

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