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August 04, 2012


brad davis

Looks good, handled well when I held one. Almost bought one, then cruised the Amazon reviews. Almost half as many 1 star reviews as 5 star, and all for dead mouse after a few months. They also all say they've had cases open for weeks with Mad Catz, to no reply. The've got a guy doing damage control on the 1 star reviews, and he's handing out the same guy's e-mail to everybody in there. They know their support is horrible but they'd rather target the complainers rather than beef up their RMA program. I dunno Alice.


I am not a gamer but my step-son is. I bought him the RAT7 mouse back in October of '11 and on a daily basis he was receiving claims from other gamers (FPS) that he was hacking the system, regardless of what game it was. He claims that it is ~that~ easy and accurate. However, with all high performance machines, it runs on a thin edge. We had to send it back for warranty service just last month (7/12). I will say, Cyborg was a little bit slow to answer but very quick to service. My step son is back in business and extremely, no, EXTREMELY happy with the RAT-7.

Kim Pallister

Kicking myself, as I just gave one of these away to goodwill. Received in the swag of DICE summit stuff, I didn't want it and didn't know anyone who did, so off to charity it went. Drat!


love this gadget..may i use it for games here too?



ryan abe

haha thats a really awesome gadget!! :D just a bit to expensive! :/

Leonardo Cepedoza

I wonder how it made.
and I bet its intended for hardcore games.

Dragon Nest Blogger.

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