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February 22, 2012



Wow! I really hope they're trying to be ironic :)

Paul T

And Zappa wasn't?


Thi's i's too funny.


I think you'll find that is actually correct, as it's a possessive thing. If you were to read it as an "it is" abbreviation, it makes no sense. "Great taste on it is way"....Huh?

Worried Designer

@Dave, sorry buddy. It is not correct. The right way would be "great taste on its way" that's it. I really hope this is done on purpose, but it is sad that some people won't even notice.


Worried: It's not so sad that people won't notice, except to the more pedantic among us. Most people get along fine not knowing that 'it's' isn't grammatically correct to use with an inanimate object.

There are limitless things to know. Some of them just aren't that important, except maybe to people who need to feel superior.


@Dave - you're correct that the usage is possessive, but incorrect in your spelling of the possessive pronoun "its."

The word "it" is a pronoun, just like she or him.
Similarly, the word "its'" is a possessive pronoun already, like hers or his.
Just as you don't write "the car is her's," or "that's hi's hat," you don't put an apostrophe in the possessive pronoun "its."

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