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March 08, 2011



Excellent write-up... which I just read... home in bed with GDC-lurgy. (You forgot to add the sleep deprivation and alcohol which diminish people's immune systems, and the communal mini-egg-roll food trays at the cocktail parties, etc.)

I thought Brenda's rant was more about developers not giving social games credit, and poo-pooing them as they have anything new in the past? I'll have to rewatch it. Scott Jon Siegel's was definitely about unreached potential for the genre/platform, and regardless, both of them were on FIRE!


That damn lurgy!

Huh, did I get B and SJS mixed up? I missed the rant session in person - GUTTED - cos I was down in LA...

David Ring

Interesting article.
You said Facebook removes the problem of many 3rd party options to deal with, but has the downside: you can't use games off Facebook.
I think in the future we'll see operating systems of Facebook, Google etc. They will replace Windows and users will have all they need inside these systems.


@David Ring: It's not so much "in the future" given that Google already has two operating systems - Chrome OS, and Android.

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