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January 14, 2011


Lonesome Road Studio

Very cool - I wonder if it creates faces small enough to use in making pendants?


They don't show it in profile... that's the hard part. The one axis that the original picture doesn't provide, they don't provide here either. If they've done real work here (sensing for cheekbones, etc) then they should be proud of it, right?


From the picture, it looks like they're just printing the picture onto plastic, and then thermo-forming it over a face-shaped mold. No 3d printing involved.


Great for the back window ledge and the car pool lane.


They're not really using a 3D model of a face I'm assuming. That's shows really good reporting, btw, leaving your readers guessing the details.


Haha, love it. I'd like to make a mine own copy of myself :D It should be fun

Dean Lilja

I guess if you print onto a 3D form, it's 3D printing, but it's not what I imagined from the title. I have played with a 3D scanner and scanning a face for production in a real 3D printer would be interesting... the technology could be combined with this machine to achieve the coloring if a photo was taken at the same time. Now THAT would be creepy and cool.


@James: Yes, that appears to b the case. Another sales catalog has a similar machine that makes it clearer what the process is:


Handmade: http://www.klonedeg.no

Amy Lee

www.87052556.com 3D face doll making machine

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