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July 12, 2010



That looks like the best game I have ever seen :-p


Cool! I'll try and write one of the games up tomorrow, for our daily 'Time Waster'.


Oki! Should be up on Download Squad later.

Swerveball was the only game I could really get the hang of. The side-scrolling musical one was fun -- can imagine it's great with four people!

The jumpy one I didn't like so much... I couldn't see enough of what's ahead/below/above, made judging my jumping rather tricky :)


Thanks Sebastian!

I'm told Flomo (the jumpy one) is particularly popular with female players..!

Mr Tom

I tried Proximity, but couldn't find any other players :-(


Yeah it'll take a while for folks to find it. Putting it on Kongregate: that'll help.

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