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May 18, 2010



I just got a slew of updates. Was wondering why you were so quiet ...


Yeah, same here. Seemed like a lot of updates to get all at once.

Martin Atkins

Hi Alice,
I'm one of the software engineers working on TypePad. It's concerning that your RSS feed disappeared. Would you mind letting me know how you implemented your custom RSS feed so that I can investigate? Did you use advanced templates?


Oh hello Martin!

I used to have www.wonderlandblog.com/wonderland/feedburner.xml as the custom rss, but the file seems to have disappeared (and no, I didn't delete it, I never go in and delete any files :)) - this was created when Wonderland used to run on advanced templates. It doesn't any more btw.


Martin Atkins

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I think the problem here is that your custom RSS was a template in your Advanced Templates design, but you've now switched to a Theme Builder design, so the custom advanced templates you created are no longer used.

It sounds from your blog post like you got things sorted out using TypePad's new built-in FeedBurner support, so hopefully things are working okay for you again now, but I'm sorry for the confusion around your custom RSS feed as you switched designs. If you want to find your custom RSS template I think it's probably still hanging around in one of the other designs you have in your account, though hopefully you won't need it now that you're using TypePad's built-in feeds.

Thanks for taking the time to tell me the additional details!

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