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February 12, 2010



Forgot this game existed. I got it on launch day. Played to the point where you have to run around on top of the roller coaster. The AI were so terrible that they wouldn't follow me fast enough and I'd be killed by incredible swarms of zombies. And if I waited for them and tried to keep them from falling off the roller coaster, we would all still get killed by incredible swarms of zombies. The AI was so miserably F*'d up that I stopped playing after about a dozen attempts at that level in the first sitting. I put the game back in the case and haven't touched it since.


Huh. Really? I totally pwned that level first time.


Mr Tom

There's an add-on for the first L4D coming as part of this as well. Well, a month later anyway.



We played the carnival campaign for the first time last night. The roller coaster bit was a complete bitch, I was the only one who made it to the safe house and I was way down in the red (1 or 2 health left). This left us in a really bad state for the next onslaught by the turnstiles where we failed about 4 times in a row before giving up.

The difficulty on L4D2 has been tweaked a little too hard for our group, the last sections of a campaign can be a bit of a grind. Still love it though.

Never had problems with the first one, scraping through each campaign by the skin of our teeth on the first play which is how I recon it should be.

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