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February 17, 2010



Your definition of 'art' is 'contains naked male butt'?

Well, good as any I spose... :)

Cunzy1 1

Noooooooo think of the children! Now they will know they have butts! And we all know that is a slippery slope towards shanking each other for skunk.


ROFL cunzy!

And yes Kim, why yes, I do believe that is my definition of Art. Who knew. MOAR BOTTOMS!


It's a bit weird how he looks almost real from behind, but noticeably fake from the front...

And not only is it 'mature content', but it's on the Gay & Lesbian channel as well. Is the character actually gay, or did they somehow assume that only gay people would want to see a man having a shower?


I saw that and my immediate reaction was, "I bet the age rating is higher in the U.S." Low and behold, it is- Americans have to be at least two years older than Brits to play this game... amazing what a (male) bum will do to a rating. Of course, naked male frontage would have made it "Adults only," just as it does for films. (I've never understood how the MPAA justify having different ratings for male and female nudity in films.)


Fangle says:
>It's a bit weird how he looks almost real from behind, but noticeably fake from the front...

Well then, I believe we've located the real location of the uncanny valley then, and it is a butt-crack.


This is art. heh. Great part of game.

Account Deleted

Reportedly, there is a shower scene with a woman, however it's apparently treated quite differently than the male shower scene, in terms of the camera work. While the male scene is viewed from third person, and pretty matter-of-fact, the female shower scene's camera work serves the male gaze, with the camera roaming all over her body in what is described as an exploitative and gratuitous way that objectifies her and which is quite different from the male shower scene. One of my female friends who has played the game and played through the scene with the woman in the shower reports that she felt extremely uncomfortable.


There is some side boob later on but only if you choose to kiss a character. The butt is definitely part of the no matter what though.

Mr Tom

Phhht. Bums are old news... There was full-frontal male nudity in GTA: The Lost And Damned.


Ugh Brin, how disappointing is that. And how predictable, too.

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