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November 18, 2009



Socializing and doing playful activities with other children is one of the main reasons against homeschooling. They don't get to interact with their peers and I find that to be a huge hole in their education.


Lasat year I read a thing about a semi-experimental form of learning what was going on in a particular state UK school involving big bursts on one subject, with enforced breaks which were filled with kinetic learning... er, as in 'play'. Juggling, messing about - zennish type activities. As well as there being regular breaks. The recall from that learning technique was amazing, even if it was them left for ages whilst the next block was done.
I'm sure that's related to this. I'm also struck by some footage on 'Life' today showing stoats playing when juveniles, then using those skills in fighting later on. See also otters - althoughg you could argue that it's anthropomorphism, I'll bet there's similar life-skill-giving-play in chimpanzee / gorilla communities.


Aha - found it. So, not playing as such but definitely in similar territory:


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