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November 19, 2009


Paul Mison

"Leaked secret plans"? For a bill that is, in contrast to what Cory says, not yet under debate, but due to be published in full tomorrow?

How about everyone waits a couple of days, reads the bloody thing, then saddles up their high horses? There's even a weekend for people to pass the proposals to a lawyer for a second opinion. If there are provisions for secondary legislation powers, that's the time to get ORG's campaign going.


PETER MANDELSON is an anagram of:


or something like that anyway.

Hugh Hancock

This is a bad time to be a Briton, it appears.

Do you happen to know when's the bill actually being voted on? I can't find that info anywhere, and it's rather important if you're planning to, say, get a bunch of creative industries people together to go and shout at your MP.


There's a kind of petition about it hre - http://threestrikes.openrightsgroup.org/

Mr Tom

The world has changed, but there's some desperate cunts out there trying to hold onto their oversized slice of the pie. I'm dead against piracy, but even I can see this is just money grabbing bullshit.

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