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October 15, 2009


Nick Richards

If you hit the 'My Neighbours' tab on the top of the app window then you can see who on your friends list is already playing and then send them a neighbour request.


I am having exactly the same problem while checking out both Farmville and Cafe World.
At least Cafe World has items that are ready in 5 minutes.

Neighbours? http://www.facebook.com/lizbt

Daniel James

Play Everything:


It's fun, doesn't require you to come back in the middle of the night to harvest strawberries, doesn't pimp you to post feed stories or invite people (though you might want to) and you can even learn something!


I am also bored and feel guilty about not helping my friends - can't be bothered.


Try Farm Town instead. They are essentially the same game but Farm Town has chat, a buddy feature, and you can hire people to harvest and plow for you.

kitchen table

Yeah, why not try farm town. I find it more nice to play it than farmville.


Yeah I have been playing for a few days and I am already finding myself getting bored. Being me, I power leveled to level 23 or so only to find there is no raid content and no PVP. WTF???

Plus, my gear sucks.


LOL doug :)

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