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September 09, 2009



Went to this last night, it was pretty interesting. An odd question which I didn't think about until it was answered there was "what (the hell) do Lost Winds and Elite have in common that they could be made by one guy?". They come from different times, but one was a story-driven child-orientated 2D puzzle platformer; the other was a trade-centred sandbox 3D shoot-em-up.

The answer is technology. Both are demonstrations of the interesting new stuff we can do with technology. But not in the same was as Crysis or Wolfenstein; more in the sense of Another World or Super Mario Bros. Personally I'm often cynical about the wii; it got so much attention, but in the end only distracted people with smigeons of innovation from the truly innovative things being done pretty much every day in the Indy community. Lost Winds is the only exception; and Dave Braben, though he doesn't know it, may be the only vocal game designer who ever believed in the Wii.

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