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August 01, 2009


Mr Tom

No, it's the Hannah Montana PSP they revealed at E3... So it'll have HM stuff with it. In fact, I think if you kind of squint at the lower left you can see her on the packaging.


Sweet Jesus, the commercial actually has 'OMG' in the top corner? That isn't some 'artistic impression' of what the artwork will actually look like...?


Someone please shoot me now. I would rather game companies continue to act like females don't game than to come up with ads or marketing ideas like this. *urg* I think I threw up in my mouth a little.


Well gee, let's face it, this is no more shameless in its pandering to female stereotypes than most games' adverts' pandering to male's. (wow I wonder if I got all of the apostrophes in that sentence right)

Don't let this stop you from getting a PSP, Alice. Patapon is calling out to you.

Mr Tom

Pon pon patapon. Pata pata patapon!


I had a PSP once. It was black, and there were no decent games out for it...


On the other hand, the marketing aimed at male players is often the equivalent of "OMG - Bewbz!" Condescension or objectification... the choices leave something to be desired.


Hey, you need to look a little harder for good PSP games, but that's half the fun. Crush and Exit don't get the love they deserve. Patapon, the Gradius collection. and Locoroco are great too. And now there's stuff on the PSN like Everyday Shooter, Echochrome, and possibly Fat Princess and Shatter. There's this big stereotype about the PSP being nothing but a paperweight, which is really unfortunate.


I actually got the lilac PSP but it was all I could do to quickly rid myself of the box and HM disks that came with it :-P

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