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July 31, 2009



I almost wanna sign up just to experience this.

Space Toast

I guess I'm missing it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmTuGq1fP-w

Some music played, and everyone dissolved into their clothes like Obi Wan. No massive firewall ripping across the landscape, no buildings fragmenting, no snow crashing textures, gravity didn't become unstable, no one glimpsed their real-world selves waking up, no one got cake...

I suppose lame and overhyped work, but to really fit the franchise, shouldn't they have liberally stolen some ending ideas from better MMOs?


@Space Toast
All those ideas sound great- but they would have required significant new assets and programming, which means significant costs. Companies don’t spend money on games unless they expect to see some return- if the game is shutting down, then by definition they won’t. When it comes to online games going under, players are lucky to have any sort of end-of-game events; all too often it’s, “we shut down the servers when no one was looking." If they really had angels, zombies and other strange manifestations (which I assume didn’t appear in the game before that point) then I’m quite amazed, as that indicates they actually expended resources on the shut-down. In other words, they did more than could be expected.


I just downloaded the game and now can't play it because it says your internets down. but my internet is actually working so is it because of this death thing?

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