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June 10, 2009


Tom Armitage

Doom? You mean, the giant 100px square Cacodemon floating just to the right of the HL2 Citadel in the middle of the poster?

(It's great life-size).

Tom Armitage

(I like the Syndicate chaps best, just west of Tetris and under the Lemmings).


I've offered mine to a friend. Nowhere to put it in this house :-(

Mr Tom

Silly me, forgot to change my name from my little "joke" yesterday.


(the poster was bundled with last issue of EDGE , in dk annyways)
Syndicate ftw:)
Parappa the rapper.

Yee definately cool piece of art. Should make a flash game like Empire movie quiz;)


Cacodemon? I GUESS. I was looking for brick walls and a gun in the middle of my sightline :)

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