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May 14, 2009



Great list. I find this kind of personal list with all it's exceptions and quirks much more interesting than traditional "this is the canon stuff" that we get from magazines.

Sphinx Adventure! That brings back memories of lunchtimes spent in the school computer room.

PS I'm not a massive RPG fan but I've just been playing Fable 2 and really enjoying it.


/signed for the places 1 to 5 but Braid is missing from this list ;-)

Chris Harris

Great list - can't comment on some of the games there but there are a lot of favourites of mine. The only one missing for me would be James Pond II for the Mega Drive; I spent *hours* playing that in the 1990s and I have never looked at a liquorice allsort in the same way since...


Shit! Braid!! Knew I'd forget something important..

... although I got stuck on the Very First Jump and have only seen Braid played over other people's shoulders. Sad.


Me im just a counterstrike freak.


Dude, old skool! :D


Wow, you're definitely lacking quite a few games there, but you've managed to squeeze in most of the golden oldies and the modern 'ubergames' (Portal, L4D, RE4)

You need to at least grab a Wii and play through SMG and Twilight Princess, both of which are very fine indeed.

Mr Tom

I don't think I could do a top 50... Even if I did it wouldn't be in any particular order.

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HDR would be in there though. So would Ruff N Tumble on the A1200 as well...

Oh and Fat Worm Blows A Sparky. What an ace little game that was.


Road rash yay!


Wow, Sphinx Adventure - I had it for the Acorn Electron, and was too young to understand any of the puns. Searching for Cleopatra's Needle in a haystack indeed!


You seem to have listed rather a lot of sequels along with their originals, but I suppose it's hard to recall everything you've ever played in 20 minutes.

Nothing from the current-gen consoles?

Always good to see Quake charting highly. :)


Yeah, I listed all the sequels that I really enjoyed. God of War II - great fun. Finished it. All the Resi Evils - I'm a RE megafan. Project Zero 2 is almost as good as 1, and again, I loved it. Dungeon Keeper 2, ditto! Played through twice. Advance Wars 2 - as good as the first. Played thru twice. Ditto Fire Emblem, Sacred Stones. All the Zeldas, natch - although good point about Twilight Princess, I never did pick it up....


Robin - Portal and L4D were both on the 360. Wii hasn't entertained me yet, and I don't own a ps3.

WoW's sucked up a lot of gaming time these past 5 years. My variety levels have gone way down.


Also The Sims should be at like, 50. How the fk it snuck in there at 21 I'll never know.

Rogelio Ariza

Where is Duke Nukem FOREVER?????!!!!! jajajajaja


There was one of these facebook things going around that forced you to FIVE games. Now that's hard. After answering mine (ULtima Underworld, Portal, Braid, Mario64, Doom) I realized I'd forgotten ZORK! I mapped it on paper while playing!)

"Top" might have a different meaning dependin your mood too. Best value? Moved you most? Found yourself going back to it years later?


Since you have quake III at the top of the list, do you play QuakeLive?


where is all the amiga 500 and commedore 64 and amstrad games! :D pacman and space invaders would never hit my top 50 even though they make history.

Fun reading your list.


That was enjoyable.

I would have put Soul Calibur II on the list and not the first one.

Also, I was very happy to see both Sim City 2000 and 3000 on there and both in their respective places. I would not have The Sims on my list at all though.

I think I need to make a list...allowing every game in the series makes it interesting, I usually just go "Earthbound", "Harvest Moon Series", "Zelda Series", and so on.


I went with chronological, the best remembered list: in my past - part 1 & 2


Link's Awakening as your first non-PC game makes me happy. I love that game, and I wish I could erase my memory of it and play it again for the first time. The tower dungeon had me perplexed for quite a while. There's something special about the charm in that game.

I don't know if Super Metroid would be up your particular alley (or if it's just out of the top 50 for some reason), but the level of polish and attention to detail and care that went into that game is readily evident, and I first played it a couple years ago. It's leagues beyond the first game, and it's conveniently on the Wii.

My list would look quite a bit different, being mainly a Nintendo/console guy. At least I've heard of most of these.

Samuel C

Wow, I like you :) there are load of these that i've played and like (not as many of the older ones thought)

Trevor May

I've been meaning to do a top 20 list for aeons, but never completed it. This might actually give me some motivation to write it -- to compare, like. I sort of made a start on playfire... One day I'll finish, one day...


It's pretty fun to do. I'm clearly a diehard PC gamer at heart, although the 360 is really stepping into some shoes here (I've realised why I'm loving L4D so: it's like the same coop as Quake III CTF had, which I adored).

I've not actually managed to *connect* to Quake Live yet. Work PC is firewalled to the wazoo, and at home, the queue lengths were always crazy whenever I remembered to check in...

Mariah scarey

No Space Wars?!??... you've only had like 40 years to find and play it.

Roffle. Video games are wasted on the young.


No Deus Ex or System Shock 2? Shocked, I am. Very interesting list, although you should probably read this review of God of War 2: http://www.actionbutton.net/?p=73

It's a bit overlong, but it's fascinating. It looks on the combat in a very clever way.



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