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May 26, 2009



could it be possible to go further, and chuck up actual buildings, maybe using textures from StreetView and similar too?

Sure! The place I work at now produces a system that does pretty much exactly this (albeit mostly for mobile mapping, surveying, etc...).


We have a system that can basically produce a colorized model of a full city with one drive through it. There's an explanation of the system at


The data for the cloud in that article is also open source, if anyone wants to try actually playing with that kind of data.


Have you seen what we're up to at Near?

We're currently focused on social retail applications, but games are on the roadmap...!


I would rather be on a real ship, but I am sure my husband will be all over this, hogging the computer for hours, sailing round the world ;-)


I'm on a boat! I'm on a boat! Poseidon, look at me!

Google earth tracking

I do not know Google earth can be used as game engines, but I do use it to track my cell phone.

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