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May 19, 2009



urgh, so much potential, but then they go and make me do pointless mini-games, ruining almost all of the strategy elements!

It's so pretty as well!



Fun, but I didn't have a clue how to fire arrows for at least 10 rounds and got owned.


Heh, cool. That's some good coffee break recreation. V. slick.

Reminds me a little of one of my all time faves, North and South (the archery mini game is a sweet touch).

And Ian Holm's narration really polishes it off nicely.


The all archers army idea is fun to play against. They literally can't fight to save their lives.


i really liked this game, the style has quite a bit of potential for other battles, maybe a 1942 sequel? however, i searched for a while and i couldnt figure out how to contact the producers. maybe someone could help me with getting an email? as far as i can tell, www.channel4.com is the name of they're website, but i'm having some trouble getting a way to contact them... my email is curlybrows@gmail.com if anyone can help, thanks

Nick Thompson

One thing at him about this game that has just happened to me (still making this kid wait) is that if you are losing and you still have archers is that you can go into firing mode and not fire until the other person surrenders. Right now there is some inmature kid I am playing against doing that to me. So I will see how long I can wait him out.


you should make a independence war version make the archers into like musket men and make warriors into like dragoons (people with pistol and swords on horses) and make the men at arms into militia


I think a crusade mode would be good, maybe with Crusaders, Saracens and Pangans, but with more units than only 4.


there definately needs to be a new spin on this game, its brilliant and ive wasted many an hour playing, new armies, maps, wars units, maybe a bit more depth, someone needs to get onto it! and does anyone know of any other games like this? ive scoured the internet and just cant find many good ones


Aw. You're great. There are more coming in about a month...

bruce lee

Check out 1066warrior.com

They have a tournament every month


I just emailed the creators about a new one. FINGERS CROSSED!



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