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March 16, 2009



All the iPhones managed to bring the Cingular (cell) network in downtown Austin to its knees.

A "why my game failed" panel would be interesting if you had the right speakers, you should pitch it for next year!


Hah! Nice idea :)


>Non-SXSWers are annoyed by the level of sxsw-related mundane blather from people here

Agree, though I am getting some value out of live-blogged/live-twitted game-related panel posts.

I'm getting them via FB cause I'm not on twitter, due to the non-SXSW-related mundane blather issue.

Hugh Hancock

"The million-dollar question is then, how do you know if your idea is really great before you embark on this long and financially-terrifying venture, how do you know you're doing the right thing? And of course no-one can answer that for you."

This is exactly the same problem that's dogging video/filmmaking/call it what you will right now. Felicia Day may say "you can't make something viral", but if you also can't tell if something's going to be viral, that implies some rather specific things about business models that aren't viable (anything even vaguely long-form).

Did anyone have anything resembling a solution?

neil h

The only problem with the werewolf game is that it's running on SXSW time - not so great for people in the uk ... :-(

Rachel Blum

The back channel app is called http://www.tweetchat.com and uses hashtags. In case you don't know hashtags (where have you BEEN? ;), just append #sxsw for sxsw posts, and you'll be able to follow that tag on tweetchat.

I haven't yet seen an app that allows you to exclude hash tags (or just temporarily block users), though.

It all plays into a wider topic - anybody who tries to stay up on several social networks + blogs + rss + whatnot will (in my case sooner, rather than later) need automated attention management.

Strangely enough, there aren't even any decent google hits on the topic... I guess I need to write something up ;)

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