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March 22, 2009



Are you coming to the show on Friday night at Giant Robot? At least you'll be able to play some exclusive indie games there if you can't make the indie games panel.


Press Pass achievement unlocked! So I can make the games panel.. don't know anything about the GR event tho?


Nice! Enjoy the panel.

The reception for the "Game Over/Continue?" show is on Friday night from 6:30-10:00 at Giant Robot San Francisco. It's only a few miles from GDC.

The show is going to have videogame-inspired art as well as four indie games made by indie game makers teaming up with Giant Robot artists.

The team-ups are:

* Saelee Oh and Anna Anthropy
* Hellen Jo and Derek Yu
* Souther Salazar and Petri Purho
* Deth P Sun and Jonatan Söderström (Cactus)

You can see the show flyer at http://artxgame.com

Consider this your personal invite. :) Hope to see you there!

(Disclaimer: I'm helping run the show.)


Aw yer too kind :)
Will try to make it, but it's very dependent on GDC and childcare. Sounds amazing tho.

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