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March 19, 2009


Chris Carella

Hey Alice,

Sam Houston of GamerDNA put together this great list of Game Industry Twitterers.


Mr Tom

Does someone who plays games a lot count? No? Damn...

Still, I discovered Twitter very recently and I'm kinda addicted now.

Mr Tom

Oh forgot... Eurogamer peeps:

http://twitter.com/rauper - Rupert Loman
http://twitter.com/mugwum - Tom Bramwell
http://twitter.com/eurogamer_net - Eurogamer twitter account


As twitter has no manual, this is helpful:


Twitter's strength is that it isn't email/IM/facebook.

Clint Fralick

Cool to see all these people pulled together in one post. I'll bet there are even more out there, and I'm sure gaming people, just like everyone else, is getting swept up in the Twitter explosion. The growth is scary. :-)

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