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March 23, 2009



That was pretty fun!

The final level was a little boring though, no knives or animal blood... :)

David M

Those PETA guys are totally crazy and their ideas are absurd. I respect vegetarians, but I don't respect vegetarians who want to impose their ideals or change everything to satisfy them. You're vegetarian? Okay, so eat vegetables and be proud, but don't criticise me for eating chicken or pork or whatever, because I have a right to eat anything I want, and having a varied diet is much more healthy.

Mr Tom

That game is actually quite good fun! But then I thought the same about the real Cooking Mama. And you know what? The information I learned while playing doesn't bother me in the slightest.

Meat is murder, tasty tasty murder.


Sure, you have a right to choose to eat what you want, but where animals are tortured and mistreated as well as killed in order to fulfil your choice, maybe things need to change in the system.

If going vegetarian is too hardcore for you, you might feel more able to at least support the ethical treatment of farmed animals via organisations and sites like factoryfarm.org or the Humane Farming Assoc..


You're right, it might be a good idea to petition for the ethical treatment of animals.

Unfortunately PETA undermine their case by their hilarious over-reaction to everything and borderline criminal activies in some cases.

I almost want to eat more horrible factory farmed chicken just to wind those crazies up.

Cooking papa

Copyright infringement?


Cooking Papa: dunno. Not a lawyer. I expect it'd filed under Fair Use: Criticism, but then again Fair Use is often contestable?

Pretty obvious criticism tho !

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