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February 25, 2009



California does too have pubs! These are interesting, but I'd only use them once a year at Octoberfest. I do like Kim though, since I love gin.

Mr Tom

Not only would one of these not fit into a bag, but I saw anyone with one of these I would have to punch them out of principle.


You're right, I wasn't specific. *LA* doesn't have pubs, except for the Cat and Fiddle, which is more like a wine bar with a dartboard.

This is a red rag, isn't it :) I'm now going to get Corrected. I love that.

WoW Gold

Where did you got those?! I'd love to have one. A perfect mug during Octoberfest along w/ your guild mates. They'd be drooling about it.

kitchen closets

WOW.... these are cool stuff! great gift too!

Kitchen storage ideas

This are beautiful jars. They must be a good decoration in a kitchen.

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