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February 06, 2009


This MP3 of The Mittani makes it all fairly clear, though there's still some EVE jargon.


The Mittani is Goonfleet's spy mastermind - he barely plays in-game, mainly a string puller, fascinating stuff.

Basically, it wasn't so much clever for getting him to defect - he largely did that of his own accord because BoB is full of in-fighting etc. Rather, it's quite how expertly they took advantage of his status and the alliance mechanics to utterly and totally screw BoB on all fronts in a single day.

Goonfleet has some incredible assets. For example, they use software incorporating machine learning to identify alts on the forum based on similar language usage. Largely useless in WoW, utterly crucial to spot spies etc. in EVE. Insane really.


Oh, and I forgot to mention, the only down side I can see to this is how it affects the overall game. Why work so damn hard to conquer space, win stations, fight endless massive battles, only for one defection to screw that all over completely and lose you everything you earned from that effort.

EVE has always been about high risk/reward once you leave the "safe zone" of empire space, but this latest event truly takes that to extremes.

Mr Tom

Sounds so interesting, but it's a shame EVE's learning curve is a vertical cliff-face. I lasted 4 days.

It's a game for bureaucrats and accountants.

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