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February 02, 2009



a big cliché...
I've had many new "real" friends while playing Q3 online for 2 or 3 years.
We don't play Q3 anymore, since a while now, and... they are still friends (not just virtual ones).


Well that's one interpretation I guess.

My take is that Coca Cola wanted to appear 'hip', remembered this and tacked a feelgood ending on it. I think they're trying to acknowledge that a change has happened rather than commenting on it purely negatively. Most of the people in the ad are (presumably) acting socially, just not with the main character. (I don't think their GTA ad from a couple of years back was 'anti-games' either.)


You don't think it feels a bit more negative than other ads though? The song lyrics...


The superhero avatar ignoring the lady struggling with the pushchair...


I have to say, I completely disagree with your interpretation of the ad. First of all, it's not just jocks that watch the Super Bowl, it's practically everyone. People who couldn't possibly care less about sports watch it, because it's a huge social and pop culture event. So the target audience is pretty much everyone. Secondly, to me the commercial said that everyone is living in the virtual space these days...whether it's in a game or a social networking site, everyone has one kind of "other self" or other. We're all inhabiting our avatars so much that we rarely connect person-to-person anymore. Until he makes a connection with the Orc-girl (thanks to Coke, of course). I didn't see this as negative at all, quite the opposite.


That's interesting. I wonder why it feels negative to me - maybe it's just the sad song then?!

Cunzy1 1

In real life those people don't go outside.

As for using a laptop in a cafe? Criminal. Who does that outside of fiction, San Francisco?

Mr Tom

In regards to the superhero avatar...

The theme of the advert seems to be "people aren't what they seem". So it was a superhero (forget the avatar bit) that was not helping the lady.


I'm not "hip" on games but it was a great feel good commercial!


I have 3 kids and they all loved it.


I agree with you Alice - to me the implication is all these people are too busy in their virtual worlds to notice all the great things around them

Hamlet Au

Alice has sharp eyes, it didn't seem anti-avatar when I first saw it, but then rewind and there's the CoH dude ignoring the lady with the baby struggling up the stairs, the PSP kid ignoring his dog, the businessman ogre bumping into our doofus hero, the Cooking Mama lady hardly paying attention to her son on the swing. To make things more confusing, though, the dude looks like a scrawny gamer himself. (At the end, I thought he was looking for another WoW player to group with.) Who is this supposed to appeal to?


I don't think it's negative towards avatars at all. Remember Coke's GTA-themed ad not too long ago? I think they're appealing to gamers, not ridiculing them.

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