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January 22, 2009



Please fix the registration form and get rid of the broken "check if this email is valid" code.

I would really like to use a valid gmail address, thanks. That DOES include the + symbol.



I shall pass on your comments to the production company - thanks!


Hi Adam

Thanks for the bug report. Funnily, non validating + signs in email sign ups is a huge bugbear of mine*, and it was definitely working ok last week. I think we might have had a reversion bug - we had problems with (I will get this wrong) escape strings in SQL, so maybe that's where that's crept in again. I will get our developers to look at it.

I'm not sure whether you're reporting 1 bug or 2 in your comment: fix the registration form by getting rid of the validation bug, or fix the registration form AND get rid of the validation bug - if it's AND, can you let me know what the other problem is?

* let me guess, you add +nameofthing to check who spams you? :)

a rose is a rose

i'm addicted (to breeding)


I've only got to find my ARMS. JUST MY ARMS.

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