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December 17, 2008



He stretches his fingers pretty far away from the board, this doesn´t look like a really good guitar player´s technique. But on the other hand this may mean nothing because he´s really fast and maybe he just adjusted his fingerwork to the game (...I never played guitar hero myself so I don´t know, for example, how hard you have to press your fingers against the board,...)


Well, he could certainly become a really fast guitar player. But then again, that doesn't have much to do with being a GOOD guitar player. That takes more than technique, that takes art. :)

Great video though. If that's true, this kid is the best!


D´accord. But technique is required in order to be (what I meant with) a good guitar player.
God, what am I writing here!? *off to a pub*


More info about the kid here:



Seriously? This is stupid!


Dammnit... I can barely finish GHIII on easy - that said, I'm a casual gamer and don't have the time to devote to perfecting the art of Guitar Hero!

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