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November 27, 2008


James Wallis

You're aware of how badly LBP is tanking, sales-wise?


A million sales already with 60% of users creating content, no? Sony guy is on stage at the Media Festival today, and Dan Hon's tweeting...


I'm googling for more now, but seeing as it's a PS3 exclusive, these are good figs, no? If it were cross-console, I'd expect way more of course.

James Wallis

VGchartz is saying it's barely passed 0.8m, which given the sheer amount of publicity behind it is surprising.

And surely by now we know better than to believe any numbers from Sony?


Hmm, 17m global sales of PS3s, so yes, sub 1m sales not so good. Maybe give it time though, xmas is round the corner. Although no-one to date will have bought the PS3 to play cutesy games like LBP, so either LBP will broaden its market, or.. ouch.


I hope it does well, I love this game


actually it's doing well kid. 215k in 4 days in the u.s...


Using VGChartz as a source is not advisable, NPD Group actually does the retail counts at the end of each month. The number for Oct. wasn't high, but that's really after 4 days of sales. VGChartz "estimates" numbers at their discretion.


LITTLEBIGPLANET Doing Take Over........
Sony should be happy they did not skip on LBP what a little big treasure its turning out to be. it amazes me to see how many people who wont to see this game fail.


wtf? MGS4 only sold 600k. this game is doing better than mgs4.




LBP Sales are just the beginning. Over a Mill for sure already...

any idea where i culd get hold of a copy of this magazine?


I actually don't mind it... pretty good gameplay.

Nicky. Monster-Munch

You can get a copy of the magazine on ebay here:

Nicky ( Monster-Munch )

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