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September 04, 2008


Tom Armitage

On top of that, the email I get when I successfully purchase points always gets flagged as SPAM by my mailserver.

(Get Geometry Wars 2 if you've not done so already; it's amazing, and has the best social scoreboards...)


Lots of people do that $1 charge thing.


Yup, I had a similar problem when I ordered an iPhone on CarPhoneWarehouse.com. The order never went through, but I only found out when, after waiting a while, I called CPW who said there was a problem with the card. So I called the bank who gave me much the same reason as you had regarding Microsoft. I cancelled the order in the end.


i just bought a bunch from newitts.com, appears to be the cheapest at the mo (though you have to wait for delivery, and obviously the physical packaging is totally unnecessary).

£28 for 4200, 50p postage.



The real tragedy of this story is you still haven't got to play Braid!

*shakes fist in general direction of redmond*


ditto to Adam's comments on Braid and Tom's about GW2. Both brilliant.

What a collosal f***up. Tell this to the "digital distribution will kill retail" pundits

I think there's a market for someone to build consoles for affluent globe-trotting gamers like yourself! :-)

BTW, you can buy retail point cards, which suxors, but will get you around the problem. err.. if they have them in UK yet.

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