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September 04, 2008



From sony of all people? I can hardly beleive it!

It reads like the tuner is built in and it's standard def analog - giving it a limited lifetime given that (at least terrestrial) broadcasts here in the US are going all digital next year, as I understand it.

If they *do* support digital, then there's a question of whether they'd choose to do things like ignore the broadcast flag/copyright stuff some people put in their broadcasts, if I understand correctly.


Kim - Lots of places in the UK have no analogue broadcast, and 99% of all TVs here have digital tuners built in (freeview and freesat). If it isnt digital then it wouldnt be in the UK market.

Simon Coxon

I'm very tempted to buy a PS3. Force Unleashed and Little Big Planet, all in a month? Woo.

Hang on though, X360 are cheap as chips and Blu-ray players can be had for £150 already. Oh and I can get Force unleashed for £24 on PS2 for what is essentially the same gameplay.

PS3 will have to get down to £250 for me to part with my cash and maybe they could be a bit more charitable with the shockingly priced peripherals (£39 for a bloody controller? Bugger off Sony).

If only my daughter hadn't fallen in love with little Sackboy.


It is digital - no one would release an analog tv tuner.

its also got twin tuners - so record two sides at once. full of win. but as tv is broadcast DRM free it makes no business sense to add it on retrospectively. all 'value' broadcasts have identifying channel dogs on anyway.

theres also some weird separate hook up with sky tv - but thats a pay download service and its psp/pc based.

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