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September 17, 2008


Mr Tom

It's the Inquirer. They're hardly a reliable source.

In fact, I've often wondered if they do just sit around making shit up.


@Mr.Tom: LOL, exactly. For a minute there I was thinking I was going to have to look at the childish lookin' Google logo every time I start up Half-life. Sheesh.

Kim Pallister

I was thinking more that the ever-changing logo on the Google homepage would have a head-crab on it.

It's actually somewhat plausible if you think about it. Marry Valve's Steam tech with Google Checkout and some of their other infrastructure and you have a really competitive digital distribution platform.



I think it's more likely that Google would buy Steam from Valve.


Wow Thanks for the informative read :-)

Mr Tom

It's even more likely that Google would come into some kind of agreement for use of Steam, or licence the tech I think. But all in all it's MOST likely to be all a steaming pile of bull poop.

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