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August 08, 2008



This is pretty rad! I wish my long, spindly fingers weren't so clumsy do I could do this sort of thing.


You find the most awesome stuff.

Next week I'm doing a collection of Murloc items. I'm only telling you this because I'm sure the moment I post it, you'll put forward something ten times better than any item I listed ;)


Hahah flatterer, T! Send me the URL when you post that, it sounds cool. So weird that people picked up on *murlocs*, they're really so gross.

On a murloc-related note, I kept my Blizzard 07 invitational murloc code until this year, and tried to use it on our UK server. Didn't work. Spoke to Blizz.. they wanted me to send in a photograph of me holding the hard with the key visible before they'd unlock it. Guh?! I still haven't got round to it.


actually, I just bought Sterrett the Wall-E and Eve papermodels. 3.99 at the Waterstones near us. Sold in die-cut -book form right next to the Disney princesses and fairies.

So they are already selling them as merch. I will have to YouTube Sterrett playing with both of them (and doing the voices).


They are so gross they are cute. ;)

Er, how do they know it's you in the photo? Or that it's the same you that got the invitation? Or .... what does the photo prove exactly?


T, my questions exactly.

Matt, that's fantastic! I need to go to toy shops more often.



There's even a hat just for you. ;)

it very cool

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