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June 17, 2008



That's hysterical!


I WANT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!


I eagerly await the cross-dressing "Psycho" Ken doll.

Mr Tom

The look on her face is disturbingly serene. Barbie is definitely on too much prozac.

David Hayward

Bloody brilliant! :)

I never buy tat, but this is tempting me...

There should be a "Rear Window" Ken!


were can i buy this not online, i live in Ireland!! please help!!!!!!!

Viagra Online

I hate barbie, but this design rules.




This is great..I mean I'm a guy and I want this doll..this is like a collectors doll if you ask me...they should start a line of movie dolls..cause stuff like this one will sell, sell & sell,

tshirt mafia

I love this Hitchcockian barbie doll. Great stuff !!

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