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June 06, 2008



Ooooooh, that's what the reviewers mean by "depth" and "realism." I wondered why everyone kept using the same words over to describe AoC. "Hardcore" MMO, to be sure.


like.. in all mmo.


What do men look like naked, I wonder? In AoC, I mean. Also, I wonder, under what circumstances are you naked? Does it happen automatically when you die? When you start the character?

Seb Potter

Nudity is defined as large naked breasts in AoC; a g-string protects what little modesty remains to female characters, whilst the men get a loin cloth and no hint of sexuality whatsoever.

More importantly though in AoC's gender-balance is the fact that women hit about 25-30% slower than men, making them dramatically less effective in any melee class, which in a game about hitting people with big pointy sticks, is almost all of them. If the game ever gets any real content for players over level 30, nobody is going to want female characters for raiding or pvp.

AoC is very pretty (set all details to high then turn off shadows to get great performance and stunning visuals), and the initial island content to level 20 is extremely engaging. However, after that it all falls apart and becomes a buggy, content-poor mess of a game that needs another 3 months of development to be ready for release.

It's a shame, because at the moment FunCom are destroying what should be an extremely rich and immersive game.


Oddly enough, in the 20+ hours I have put into this games so far, I have only seen one huge breasted topless chick running around.

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