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May 21, 2008



They're probably Mennonite, not Amish. Mennonites are more liberal about "wordly" things like video games, motorcycles, and motorcycle video games. A real Amish person wouldn't be on this thing, and wouldn't want you snapping pictures, either.


I second the probably Mennonite rather than Amish idea. Still a cool picture though.


Just to end the quarrel about the religious nature of the above girls, they are, in fact, Amish and not Mennonite. The community where I took the picture is a very strange little Amish community. The younger generation is slowly finding ways around their rigid rules dealing with technology. And these girls weren't exactly posing for a picture, I just kind of took it as I walked by.


Actually, Amish during later teen years are allowed to "break the rules" concerning technology- it's part of "Rumspringa," where they are given space to experiment. They then have to give it up if they choose to be part of the church as adults, though.


Thank you Bob and Allouette!


They could play with it just not own it. They may not be baptized yet so the rules are much looser for them.


What the hell


L is right y did u put that pic. on their it is mean to make fun of the Amish because they dont have a ds lite or gameboy like we can they dont have a TV or computers

Mr Tom

And then there's some people who shouldn't have computers or TVs to begin with...

/glares at s


why isnt anyone pointing out the one gal is carrying a purse? how many amish carry purses


The Mennonite women wear different head coverings than the Amish. These are Amish girls. The Mennonite wear mesh caps on back of head not bonnets. Amish women carry purses. I was in a small Amish country store in Northern OH and heard a cell phone ringing. It came from an Amish ladies purse. She looked embarrased, but answered it and talked on the cell phone. So her purse is to hide her cell phone!

Dan Clark

lol, today I just started a satirical site called Amish Gamer and then found this pic... wish I'd seen it sooner!

Kind regards!


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