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May 30, 2008


Jay Gischer

Actually, I think it's to balance the advantage that boys have at spatial reasoning and manipulation. You know, like the "box-folding" exercises they have on IQ tests sometimes.


well, I guess girls have got to be good at something!

In UK GCSE results girls have been ahead of boys in maths and science and every single subject for a number of years, nothing new here.


Hehe Wes. Nice try ;)


(Wes, which FPS are you playing these days, if any? I have a hankering for something like the old days..)


Aren't there several really amazing problems with the argument?

Problem 1)

-Boys do better than girls = inequality.

-Girls do better than boys = gender equality.

Problem 2)
The article plays both horses in the nature vs. nature debate.

-The nurture argument: "Boys are not innately better at maths than girls".

-The nature argument: "in more gender equal societies, girls will gain an absolute advantage relative to boys".

Or put another way: Shouldn't we care just as much about boys lagging as we care about girls lagging?

Richard Bartle

Alice>Is this to balance boys' advantage in muscle mass?

No, the muscle mass is to compensate men for not being able to have babies. That's why, in MMOs where neither female nor male characters can have babies, they're all equally strong.


Hákon Þrastar

as an Icelandic boy I must say: ":("


I'm not playing much fps at all at the moment, I spend more time on the Xbox.
When I can be bothered to fire my PC up I'm usually playing TF2. I quite like it, although it is a bit disorganised at times.

One of my friends keeps pestering me to play COD4, so I might give that a try. Not much keeps my interest now though, plus I'm rubbish :(
Not like back then >
Cliq me

or even >
cliq me2

Ahh those were the days :)


zomg that second screen, was I asleep?!



I miss Tant. He was hilarious.


Hahah, no you were playing your heart out!!

Yeah Tant was great, and so were the rest of the DC lot.

Good times.


Tant was a bully! ;)

Hi Alice n Wes, hope you're both well.


It's all about social perception. I was very good at maths, spatial perception and all that stuff. But it was not good to be so at my school whilst being a girl. So it was always a battle, with fellow pupils and teachers. I just carried on regardless, with the maths, science and the reading!

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