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May 13, 2008



Congrats! Did you get the 900? I've got a 701. My huge hands have adjusted fairly well to the wee input device. Enjoy!


I honestly haven't added anything. I just use it for my hosted stuff, i.e., gmail, and browsing. though I'd love to upload to flickr. Need to get that going.

James Wallis

Nice leather case: search eBay for "eee leather". Mostly black or pink, but keep scrolling and you'll find them in green, orange and red.

Software: Opera.

Typing: give it an hour, you'll not think twice about the keyboard again.


Got juploader for flickr.

The photo app doesn't like playing back mov files, it seems, it's doing some horrible screeches.


A short list:

• Evolution - email and calendar
• Firefox -a web browser
• Thunderbird - email and newsgroups
• Opera - a web browser
• GIMP - photo editing
• Tomboy Notes - sticky notes for your computer
• Tranmission - P2P file transfer (BitTorrent)
• Ekiga Softphone - a VoIP telephone
• Pidgin - chatrooms
• OpenOffice - word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, drawings
• AbiWord - a word processor
• Gnumeric - a spreadsheet
• GnuCash - accounting software for home & small business



Marc Moskowitz

A Matias folding keyboard so you don't mess up your hands typing on child-size keys.


Hmm, they are giving away the 2gig version if you sign up for an RBC bank account, i have been considering it all week, cuz i commute for ~3h a day...


Hate to say it... but its better with XP. Can't stand that built in version of Xandros.

Also - be careful with the screen. Managed to break mine at the weekend and now have to shell out £80 on a new one :-(


How is the EEE with games? I've been eyeing one since Alice first posted on it.


I haven't got as far as games on it. Didn't really think it would cope..

I plunked for Linux cos you get an extra 8gb of storage. Course.. with SD doubling every few months, that's no longer really an issue. 32gb SDs are out at the mo; it'll be 64gb by autumn I bet.


Looking forward to hearing what/if games work once you've tried it out. 'Till then I still need to get me an Xbox *gasp*)


Seems that's the way it's all going - small keys for big fingers. Maybe we'll evolve.

VoIP software

No, I don't.

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