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May 01, 2008



I have to say I enjoy the WoW lore, it's a lot of fun and fairly massive these days. No George R. R. Martin but then that's not what it's aiming for.

As for how good AoC will be, pretty decent but not mind blowing if the beta leaks are any indication.


Well, so far - through one tech test, an open beta, and a closed beta - (ALL requiring new 13gb downloads!!) - I can officially say 'it's pretty, but it sucks'.

Why does it suck? Cos it's the buggiest beta I've ever been involved in (and I've done a few). I have an identical PC to a friend (we built them at the same time), and he can run the game, I can run it and lock up after 20 seconds of gameplay. It has huge loading times, there are loads of instanced areas (like Guild Wars, so it's not a true persistant world), go swimming and you come out of the water bald, you'll frequently turn to face away from what you're fighting. Classes are imbalanced to such a degree that warlocks in WoW are going on strike! With the early access downloads starting this weekend - I'd have to say I feel it's about 6 months away from 'ready'.

Early zones are lush, later zones feel rushed and thrown in (whether they patch to improve them and are just getting the early bits 'pretty' for the new subscribers I don't know).

Combat IS more involved that WoW, no autoattacking here, so that's better... but it just feels to me like a wasted opportunity. It could have been great, but I think it'll fail due to not being polished, and not being a 'real' breathing world like WoW.

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