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April 28, 2008


Tom Armitage

Nice. Looking at the photoset, it appears to be a combination of photography of action figures, and judicious photoshop on top of the in-game social screengrab tool... eg, this one is easily doable in game (and then uploaded to bungie.net).

This is classic in-game screengrabbing, processed through a pseudo tilt-shift filter.

It doesn't make it less interesting, though - if anything, the process of grabbing in game, pushing to bungie.net, and then processing is quite convoluted, and requires you to pre-visualise the final result well. They're lovely pictures - nice find.

(interestingly, bungie.net and Project Gotham don't watermark your pictures in the same way GT5 and Forza2 do...)

Kim Pallister

MS has been relatively progressive on fan use of game assets. They were (to my knowledge) one of the first pubs to actually publish a policy on it. More detail here:


Of course, that's for non-commercial use. If someone wanted to sell prints, they have to get MS's OK. At least I think that's the case, since you aren't "taking a picture" so much as composing assets from an MS property.

Mr Tom

Wow, those pictures make that link to the 3D screenshots of Halo look rubbish :-(

please dot get to fascinated, all he did was add false focus by using differing ammounts of bur and he changed the contrast to tone down the colors a bit. these are not action-figures and they take only minor knowledge of photo shop to be executed.


They look beautiful, but the bottom one shows it's done with heavy use of the blur tool. He's reproducing Depth of Field effects, but rather than blurring everything at a certain depth from the lens, he's using it more indiscriminately.

In the bottom pic, both spartans are in focus, but the side of the warthog that would be in between them is blurred - lenses don't work like that... for a narrow DOF shot, you get one band of focus that may only be a few inches 'deep' http://www.pictureline.com/newsletter/article.php?id=12

The diorama shot has a similar problem http://www.flickr.com/photos/joshuadamon/2442396944/in/set-72157604730806200/ - two focus areas at different depths from the camera (or one running 'diagonally' from the plane of the lens)

Nice work, nonetheless! The desaturation is nice.


Looks like the popular "new layer/desaturate the image to Black and White/make the image a bit brighter and contrastier/apply a mild blur/set layer to blending mode Overlay and opacity 50%" -effect.... and lots of blur. Very nice result!

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