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April 08, 2008



Somehow related: type "World of Warcraft" into Google and see the ads...


My advice; Avoid any girl that plays an MMORPG.

Uh, present company excluded...


This has "tranny surprise" written all over it.


No *faith*!

My guild is *stuffed full* of lovely ladies. Unluckily for you lot, they're all taken (being lovely ladies n' all).

Personally I think WoW's jumped the shark. It's so mainstream in the US now, anyone and everyone is playing. Bye bye stereotypes.

Mr Tom

I put on my robe and my wizard's hat...


Rofl, good call Mr Tom.

"Toms" is alluding to a point that Alice has unwittingly played into. The "lovely ladies" that play this game are often, if not always, going to be attached. This is simply due to having attracted the attention of handsome, sociable guys offline.

Generally speaking, the stereotypes are still being observed. While games as a whole are certainly gaining widespread acceptance, there's still a long way to go before we actually find the online world on an equal footing with the offline one.

But progress is a good thing!

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