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April 06, 2008


neil h.

Elite was the classic 3d wire frame space trading/shooting game on the BBC micro. Defender was the side scrolling shoot em up that was in the arcades first, although I'm pretty sure there was a version on the BBC as well. Clicking through to the site shows that the art is inspired by the game River Raid. Pretty nifty stuff.


Defender's also available on XBLA, though the already-impossible arcade control panel layout gets even harder mapped to a controller. Maybe if you don't have finger memory of the arcade machine it'd be ok?

Has to be one of the hardest classic arcade games I ever put money into. That and Sinistar. Run! Run!

I can't seem to find it, but there was a mocked up motivational poster on Retroblast with a picture of Eugene Jarvis with a caption that said "JARVIS: Think you're cool? I made Defender!"


yeah River Raid for Atari 800XL, one of my earliest videogaming memories... in black and white, because colour tvs were for grownups, the b&w tv had just been superseeded and little kids couldn't afford big 33" wooden boxenful of tube.
by Activision indeed...

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