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March 04, 2008



whats 'normal' when your a seven foot blue troll?

Ian Betteridge

Next up - Anonymous declared a terrorist organisation...


next thing you know they'll be arresting PKs for virtual terrorism in MMOs. "them PKs don' like our freedomz! git-r-done!"


Well, we all know that video-games cause normal teens to become serial killers, so obviously ter'rists are going to use them to not just meet, but recruit new members. (Or at least, so goes someone's thinking, no doubt.)
As you point out, these systems are not encrypted, and in addition, in the U.S., games with built-in chat systems are legally required to have government-accessible back-doors. This means that if ter'rists decide to use virtual worlds for training, etc., they'd be creating their own closed systems, not using WoW or Second Life.
This is yet another example of someone trying to justify a broad surveillance system that looks for "anomalous activity" only in places where they won't find any. (Though how planning a real attack in an online game full of people planning virtual attacks would be detected as "anomalous activity" is beyond me.)

Mr Tom

There's definitely some right deviants in SL. I know that much.

jimmy hat

Don't you people get it? They plan to make everyday citizens into terrorists. They already passed the "homegrown terror act" that basically says any American who disagrees with them about anything is a terrorist. Even if you are peaceful and have a clean record. You are the new Al Quaida. They know damn well there are no real life terrorists so they're looking for virtual ones now.

Do a search for FEMA camps and see what they have planned for you. Better start standing up for yourselves and exposing them before it's too late.


Guess forming that guild named Al Qaeda in Alterac wasn't a good idea.


Maybe it's a sign, but I read it as 67 "copper" for every dollar.

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