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March 04, 2008



hehe. Stopped hardcore raiding last august.. Thinnking i would pvp a little with my alt..which im now doing alot.

turn your back to one drug - just to welcome another :D

Sir Henry

I am about to ding 69 (one the maintenance is done) and was wondering the same things since this is my first 70. Glad I know now. My main is an undead rogue that has pretty much solo'd the entire run. Unfortunately, that means not many instances, thus no phenom gear. Hopefully that will change once I am 70.


Well, if it's any consolation, any gear that you might have won from lower-level instances would have been pretty much eclipsed by quest rewards. (Even those who had been farming Molten Core had to junk their precious purple stuff a couple of levels into Burning Crusade...) But if you want to go much further, you'll have to start running instances, getting the gear, grinding up the reputations... If you had a life, now's the time to wave it goodbye!


Hah, I like how everyone gets anonymised but me. Oh, and, it's five now. Sigh.


(oh, and Kim..)


You're not really doing my work justice, darling.

Full post here.


Updated, slowcoach ;D

Mr Tom

Hahaha, I like that needlepoint. Very nerdy indeed :-)

I got to level 38 in WoW before becoming hideously bored. I mustn't be normal.


40 is a bit of a turning point. Mounts, you know.


having a mount rules. mine's called esme.


Mine's Etna.

Mount Etna.


Mr Tom

I know, I know. That's the only thing that kept me going THAT long. But still, it was yawn city for me.

but take the south road so when you get to Loch Modan and start north

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