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March 03, 2008



screw it being for girls, I want to live in those buildings in the background! retrochic! It's like something from late 60's sci-fi!


I dunno - the swiss cheese portholes are a bit funky. The whole thing looks a bit freaky to me, to be honest!


so male humans don't visit guppy world? i find that hard to believe. i'm sure we're in charge of guppy population control, which, will be featured in Guppylife2: guppy hunt.

Chris Hansen

If you are male and choose to play this game I will ask you to take a seat.

Richard Bartle

A guppy is a type of fish. To the right of the comments box I'm typing this into, in the "Ads by Google" section, it says: "Guppy Fish Lovers Beware. Stop Killing Your Favorite Wet Pets. Expert Reveals Little Known Secrets".

Why did they decide to call their decidedly non-fish Tamagochis "guppies"?



Your guess is as good as mine, Richard. Makes it a bit tricky to google, eh.

l'elk - brilliant.

Ian Betteridge

I'm so building those houses in Second Life...


Damn this game looks nice, It has a really nice feel to it in the image. I bet the programmers making this game must be really really talented.


As if we needed another video game for girls "Guppylife for girls"

I do agree with Alice though, the design looks great but please, its bad enough creating another video game for girls (have a look in any games store at the DS titles and you will agree) but to brand it "for girls" is not the best way to market it. Women and girls are put off by anything which overtly targets them as women. Not only does it put women off, but as one Lady Geek told me "just because I have breasts, doesn't mean I gravitate to other breasts." Nicely put i think. Apple never brought out the ipod and marketed it "for girls" but they did alot of research into understanding what women would respond to. Sony Bravia are positioning their TV as "a piece of furniture" not as "a piece of furniture for women" but their strategy is very much to appeal to the female market. The opportunity is for brands to understand the subtleties of connecting with women. Its complicated. Women are complicated. And an overt "girls only" approach just ain't going to cut it.


Hey! lets see how they market this game before you start flaming how they market it.
Obviously this IS a game for girls -look at the screenshot. I think guppyworks are brave that they honestly try to make something good for the girls that are not just into shooters.


I fail to see what exactly makes this game specifically for girls. Are boys not allowed to care for small animals too? I agree with Belinda that marketing it as "for girls" will not only put off girls but will totally put off any boys who would be curious about the world. And although they have actually begun to market the game, the first sentence on the makers site, "GuppyLife is an MMO for girls" makes it pretty clear who is invited and who isn't. It's a shame. For both the makers of the game and the boys that would have wanted to check it out.


I just realized that the guppylife web-site is up and running, but its only in sweedish at the moment.
Still interesting thou.


i like this game


Apparently they've gone bankrupt. Anyone confirm/deny?


Nope - the company is still running.
And the game i still running, but only in sweeden :(


well to me this game looks very fun and friendly, to say it is for girls though, i dont think its too much a big deal. and liam yes boys are very welcomed to, i think the object is more for girls fashion and things and more to talk about guys then to be with guys ;) but i would most certainly be willing to play this game for a while- it looks very fun and very good graphics


and also i am gonna add with chris, the fact that this game would appeal to teen boys is rather odd... though i do realize some sickos would create an account if they are a boy... but really you cant stop them, if you had just the girl there and not a boy and just have the name say guppylife or guppyworks would they not make one anyways?

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