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March 13, 2008



>swapping toys in real life means less of a risk of swapping data with strangers

This is the primary security mechanism used for friends (gating canned chat vs open) in BarbieGirls. See more here:

"Ready or not, Barbie is an identity provider"


Stupid me, thinking Tinker Bell was absolutely forbidden from speaking in Disney projects. Guess they're using the original Barrie Tink and not the Disney Tink. :)

Cool that someone's actually had the guts to do the bracelets.


I dont like the idea of the braclets. Why not just make virtual friends? I know its safer, but why?
Some people dont have many friends(like me,1)

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Well the Disney Tink is actually copyright another company in the UK so we will see how this goes.

And on top of that, there is now a fansite for Pixie Hollow at http://www.pixiehollowforums.com/


"By simply clicking their [real] bracelets together, girls become friends in the online environment. And it's safer too because if you had to physically click with your friend that means they were in physical proximity to you, you saw them, and you know who they are."

This would only be safe if you couldn't make virtual friends in pixie hollow (without the clickables items)...but you can.

Jaclyn Firmani

Hello can't wait


Oops... My Bad... Can't wait to start Pixie Hollow adventures... I keep seeing it on TV and I'm dying to try it myself... anymore 9 year olds on board?

how do you get in?


Hey, this is the coolest!

i love pixie


i love faries

Janelle Smith

Can I play



Joy Nava

Cherish, you just go to www.pixiehollow.com, I think it is, or google pixiehollow, if I'm wrong. Then explore the site. Click "Create a fairy" to start playing. I LOVE it, and am 31 years old!!! But, be careful, its addicting. Need to set limits so that you don't stop playing in the real world, and spending time with real nature and friends!


uh no what u have to do is go to pixie hollow.com and hit play. then u press new fairies to register. an then u make your fairy and welll there u go your all done


how can indians become members???????i want membership


how can i do this


you guys don't do this i can't do this i am 9 years old for crying out loud this is making me mad


pixie hollow is fun but i have a computer in my room and the computer works great but every time i try to go on www.pixiehollow.com it wont let me!!!! First it would say "Do you want to Flashupgrade?" and then i re-type it and then it would say "Sorry we are closed for right now!!!" and it makes me really mad because then i would have to go on my bros computer and sometimes he wont let me and if i go on the computer down stairs it doesnt even say anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


dont feel bad kaitlin this is hardly what i do too! i never posted a comment until now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hey people of the world the pixie hollow game isnt that bad it could be addicting and it is so cool how you get to envent your own real Pixie Fairy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Im an indian and i have membership.... ask ur parents to get membership for u,uroosa! and where can we get clickables? i tried every disney store in new york but they say theres no such thing!


I live in UK and my mum tried to pay for membership with her paypal account but it wont work! it aint fair!!!


so where exactly do u get clickables from???


Can someone PLEASE help me???!!! I tried to get a membership for pixie hollow and it said there was an error. I tried heaps of times but every time it said: nullREQUEST_INVALID_DATA. PLEASE HELP ME!!!


I've got the same nullRequest error here in Australia... I've tried PayPal as well as trying a different browser. Bad coding I guess!


I dont have membership but you could get a membership magical card and pixiehollow is so awesome AWESOME


jak dostac memberschip

eye anma

Ive joined pixie hollow a long time later and after haveingso many adventures im so happy I login almost everyday


awwwwww! that is great!


Hey can you help me get on?


how can we transfer points on the clickables game now that pixie hollow no longer supports it?


ok rly i am 10 year old and i play pixie hollow XD idk why XD


I want Mermaids please tell me what are the virtual mermaid world games ppllleeeaaassseee i need one im bored at pixie hollow


give me a pixie hollow memberhsip account plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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