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February 25, 2008



Are you sure they're not just using the browser as a launcher ala Battlefield Heroes? That was my impression.

Regardless, certainly neato and all, but having played Q3 again at a weekend LAN party, I was reminded that it's far and away the MP FPS I suck the most at for some reason. UT, CoD4, all good, Quake 3, lucky to get a positive score. Shocking, and therefore probably why I won't be spending long on Quake Live regardless of nifty concept. :)


Ouais, t'es quand même une r0x0r à Quake, FFS ! :)

Mr Tom

Yay! Thanks to me! heh.

I can't wait for this. I've not played Quake 3 for a long time.


Good question Pete, but Shacknews def says 'in the browser'. Maybe it's a mistake tho. Digging.


Strafe jumping is deliciously simple Alice. Here check out this video, the technique applies to Quake 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xf-8J8pSGr4

Very easy and rewarding.

Also Quake Live is definately launched from the browser, not played within it. SyncError from id confirmed this a while ago.

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