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February 13, 2008


Rachel Clarke

It's an enjoyable game, although some of the tasks I find impossible with a trackpad/laptop. Looking forward to the next episode.


Ouch, trackpad! Good point. We stuck with 'point and click' for this wee 'un, turnaround being what it needed to be, and you're right, point-and-click with a trackpad can be tricksy indeed.

I can't be without my tiny weeny laptop travel mouse. I have the Belkin one: it cycles through different colour options. Pure disco, hilarious.


Hmmmm wont load past the 3/4 loading mark here on our work machines. Very odd. Shall try and play it later this evening as it certainly seems pretty interesting...


Same here Tastycrisp, I get to the 'he went back to Bow Street for a warrant, then just see the 'Loading' animation over and over. Played through twice to this point before giving up... shame, it has loads of promise!


Fielding was disappointed with me and my trackpad! Still, what a neat game!


Great job on the production values! The systems and mechanics all worked fairly well together for the most part.

I missed out on some esteem during the "ease dropping" bit and I had no idea what I had done wrong and how I had missed it. I had a feeling I should do something but nothing happened to make me react.

The fun ended when I got to the "stitching" part, very frustrating. In general I would recommend the whole "follow path w/ mouse" mechanic be a little more forgivable if you plan to use it in the future. I felt I was being punished for doing what I was told, as it seemed a little to random when it would work and when it would fail. (I tried the sniping game for "Shooter" and had similar results.)

I actually closed my browser when the time was down to 1 min on the 2nd wound out of frustration, lol. I'll go back and give it another go later.

Regardless, I'm definitely looking forward to Episode 2.


Follow up...

I managed to do all the stitching (it was the top stitch, btw, that was the most frustrating), but now I'm either missing the evidence that links the murderer to the son or I haven't guessed enough to get it right. The obvious clues, at least to me, don't work and I can't combine pieces of evidence.

Unfortunately, I can't see myself trying any more since I have to play through the whole game to get to this step and I've already made two attempts. :(

the Other Paul

I can't get it to work--it loads and everything, but all I get is a darkened map (of London, I'm guessing). What's going on?


Thanks for all your feedback on our Bow Street Runner game and for helping us dig out all the bugs in the BETA version. Your input has been invaluable and the enthusiasm that we’ve had has really buoyed the team who are currently knee-deep in building the other four episodes. Episode one should now be totally fixed and is fully launched today so give it another go… and since you guys have already had a practise you should get through to episode two with no problems. In this fixed up version your esteem will be carried over to the other episodes… so if you want to be reminded when they’re going live simply leave your email address on the form at the bottom of the game page.

That’s it for now… good luck with stitching up the harlot!

To go to the game log onto: www.channel4.com/bowstreetrunner

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