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February 01, 2008



re: ELSPA link - the ds owners might be under 12, but their parents who buy the ds and the games aren't. i know a fair few people who have bought r4 cards for their kids' DSs, and if anything these people are doing it knowing that it'll save them money on buying new games rather than using the homebrew defence.

i'm not saying the 90% figure is necessarily true but i do share some of the worries about the industry that he mentions - it'd be a shame for the DS to become a victim of it's own success and i really don't want it to go back to the state the gamecube got in.


All that is needed are coasters shaped like the rocket. hmmmmm there's an idea....

mac morrison

Hi - theres a ship shaped tea-light holder that goes on top - not shown here - the candle flame making the lazer (kinda).

Though the general idea is to be inspired by rather than an exact replica of the game.

thanks for all the interest - i think 50 may be a understimate of the demand!


this looks very nice - if the asteroids pointed slightly different ways it would be even better!

mac morrison

you can orientate the asteroids anyway you like
and move the placements - within the limits of it collapsing!

as each leg unit is freestanding
the weight of the glass keeps it solid.

r4 ds

Table look great.

Garry Navarro

I've never seen anything like this, very creative and unique. Nice! I love it.

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