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January 16, 2008


Dan Hon

Part of the reason for the weird list is, I think, the requirement that the writers already be WGA members (and the fact that not many video game writers are WGA members at all):

"To be eligible, vidgames must have been released between Dec. 1, 2006, and Nov. 30, 2007, but they were not required to be produced under WGA jurisdiction.

Writers of source material were not eligible, and the credited writers must have been or applied to become members of the WGA's New Media Caucus."


Cunzy1 1

Does that mean we have to give non-video game writers videogame awards now? Daaaang.


Wow, you have to be a WGA member to get an award? What a JOKE!


I don't know *any* game writers in the WGA, though the Southern California game studios doubtlessly have a fair number of slumming film and television writers doing work for them (and game writers looking to move on to film and television, where they'd actually get paid decently).

I do wonder if the list of eligible games was that much longer than the list of "winners?"

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